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Pinnacle Anatomic Shoulder Ease Dressage Girth

Pinnacle Anatomic Shoulder Ease Dressage Girth

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A better shaped girth is more comfortable to your horse, will pinch less, making training sessions more useful if the horses tack fits better.

Cut out around the elbow allows for more freedom and range of motion when your horse is in full stride. The center of the girth is 5 1/4" wide tapering to 2 1/4" at the elbow and widening back out to 4 1/4" at the ends.

SS Roller Buckles make it easy to tighten your girth and will not rust. Fold-Away Center D-ring is recessed and hidden when not in use or easily accessible when needed for training equipment.

Made of the finest Argentine leather, for unbeatable quality at a great price.

Ends of the girth have additional leather divided billet keepers to keep the girth from shifting from side to side at the top.

Triple-Ply Elastic on both ends of the girth offer nice stretch-ability that will adjust with your horses every movement offering a more comfortable girth than ones with out. Elastic also makes tightening your girth easier.

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